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Privacy Policy

Valid with effect from 1st December 2023
I. Purpose
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you about how we at Health Tech Solutions GmbH (hereinafter “we” or “BODYGEE”) and our all related services, websites (bodygee.com), applications and apps (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Services”) process the information you provide us with when using our services. We are responsible for the processing of your personal data and the compliance of our data processing with the laws. When handling your data, we comply with the applicable data protection regulations.

Third-party websites that are accessible via our services are not subject to the basic conditions mentioned here. We accept no responsibility or liability for the observance of data protection by the operators of third party websites.

This privacy statement applies to the relationship between BODYGEE and our Customers or End Customers. The relationship between our Customers and their End Customers is only partially subject to this privacy statement and is the responsibility of the respective Customer.
II. Definitions
The terms “Person” and “People” refer to natural people who make use of our services. We differentiate between “Guests” (no user account), “Customers” (Direct Customers of BODYGEE with a user account), and “End Customers” (the Customer of a Customer who has a user account).

“Personal data” refers to any personal data that relates to an identified or identifiable person. Such information includes 3D models, names, date of birth, phone number, email address, gender, height, and IP address.

“Customer Data” refers to any data stored on our services by Customers or End Customers. This could be personal data or electronic data and files.

“Public service” refers to the scope of our services that are accessible to anyone who does not require a user account (e.g. www.bodygee.com).

A “user account” is a personal account that allows the use of closed services. It is secured by personal access data (username and password).

The “closed service” area refers to the part of our services that is only accessible to people with a valid login. (e.g. BODYGEE Cockpit Web and Mobile App).

“Processing” refers to the handling of your data, particularly the collection, storage, administration, use, transmission, disclosure or deletion thereof.
III. Data Collection
a) Use of our Open and Closed Services

BODYGEE can collect information about your use of our services, by means of our own tools or other common tools (such as cookies or web analysis tools). To find out more about the reason for this, please refer to point VIII, and to see what your options are, please refer to point IX.

You have the option of contacting BODYGEE with the help of a contact form, for example, to indicate your interest in our products. For this purpose, we require specific personal data, such as your name, email addresses, telephone number, and possibly some other data.
b) Registering a User Account

In order to create a personal user account that enables you to use our closed services, specific personal data is required. This includes your surname, first name, and email address. You may also volunteer to enter and store other personal data.
c) Sales/Reference to Fee-based Services

If you choose to purchase one of our paid services, we require specific personal information. This includes your surname, first name, email address, telephone number, company name, and full postal address. We will process all information about your current and past purchases and contracts (e.g. products, services, quantities, payment amounts).
d) Customer Data

Our closed services may provide the opportunity to store, edit, and/or view customer data. This could include your own customer data or the customer data of your End Customers. Such customer data may include personal data, 3D models, measurements, descriptions, recommendations, diet plans, and other data.
IV. Data Processing
a) Communication / Marketing / Sales

BODYGEE may use selected personal information such as names and email addresses to contact people for administrative purposes (e.g. customer services, new features, support, and status information) or commercial purposes (e.g. promotions, events, offers, and third-party offers). We are entitled to contact you for administrative reasons, in order to guarantee the operation of our services.

By registering a user account for our services or filling in a contact form for one of our services, you automatically register for marketing purposes and authorise us to use your personal data for newsletters and personalised advertising. You may opt out of this mailing list, in which case we will not contact you for marketing purposes. Find out more under point IX.
b) Operation of the Services

BODYGEE processes all of this data in order to ensure our services, and to operate, maintain, enhance and provide the functions and information you expect, and to respond to your feedback and requests.
c) Analyses and Improvement

At BODYGEE, we continuously strive to expand and improve our services. We analyse the data we collect, in order to understand user behavior, identify errors, simplify services and develop new products, functions and functionalities. As far as possible, we endeavor to do so with anonymised data.
V. Disclosure of Data to Third Parties
BODYGEE will not share your personal data and Customer data with third parties, except in the case of the service providers we have commissioned. BODYGEE will not sell, rent out or trade with your personal data and customer data.

BODYGEE works together with carefully selected service providers, who support the operation and/or further development of our services on our behalf, execute the technical processing of promotional measures, and perform analyses and other functions. These commissioned service providers might have access to your personal data or customer data, and process it in order to provide the services we have commissioned. Some of these commissioned service providers might have their headquarters or branches abroad and/or they may store data abroad. We limit and anonymise the data as far as possible, for each service provider, so that they only receive the information they need in order to provide the required service. Some examples of such service providers are newsletter software, customer relations management software, and web analysis tools.
VI. Data Security
For BODYGEE, the protection of your personal and customer data is of paramount importance. We employ appropriate and accepted industry standards, in order to protect your data from accidental, unlawful or unauthorised manipulation, disclosure or use.

We operate our specially developed services from a secure, renowned Swiss data centre. Furthermore, the transmission of data between our services and you is encrypted at all times, by means of SSL technology, and it is protected against manipulation.
VII. Storage of Your Personal Data
BODYGEE will store your personal information for as long as is legally necessary or appropriate for the operation of the services. When purchasing/receiving fee-based services, we will retain your personal data for at least the duration of the contract, for as long we are legally obliged to retain it, or for as long as we are obliged to impose a statute of limitations in respect of any possible claims. For purposes of analysis, we retain your personal data until the analysis has been completed.
VIII. Cookies and Web Analysis Tools
Via our own tools or other common tools (e.g. Cookies or web analysis tools), BODYGEE can collect data regarding your use of our services, in order to understand your user behaviour, to recognise errors, to simplify our services and to develop new products functions and functionalities.

Such information includes general data regarding your web browser (including application, version, language) and your IP address and the actions you implement via our services (the websites you visit, the links you click on, duration etc.).

Besides our own tools, we also use recognised services such as Google Analytics. In this regard, please note point V, Transmission to Third Parties, and your options in point IX.
IX. Your Rights
a) Information / Correction / Deletion

You have the right to exercise your data protection rights at any time. You are entitled to request information as to whether your personal data is being processed by us, and which data is concerned. You also have the right to correct, block or delete your personal data at any time. You can do this yourself, to some extent, via your user account. Otherwise, please contact our Customer Service at support@bodygee.com.
b) Google Analytics opt-out

BODYGEE uses Google Analytics to some extent. You have the option of preventing the use of your data by Google Analytics. Simply visit the corresponding Google website: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
c) Unsubscribing to Commercial Communication

If you receive newsletters for promotional purposes, you can unsubscribe at any time. Simply follow the instructions in the newsletter.

Please note that BODYGEE is not responsible for the commercial communication between Customers and End Customers; therefore, such communication is not covered by this privacy statement.
X. Changes to the Privacy Statement
Due to the expansion of our services, it is sometimes necessary for us to update our privacy statement. The currently valid version of our privacy policy is always available on our website. Significant changes to the privacy statement will be communicated to our Customers and End Customers via email or via an appropriate notification within the closed services.

The original privacy statement is in German. The translated versions merely serve towards a better understanding. In case of any disputes, the German version applies.
X. Changes to the Privacy Statement
If you have any questions or remarks relating to our privacy statement or our data protection policy, please contact our data protection officer via email at support@bodygee.com.