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      Your workout plan is working. Make the success visible.

      Your Clients’ Results Speak for Themselves!

      Document physical changes in 3D
      Bodygee is the simplest and fastest complete solution for 3D body analysis: a system of contactless scanning, a comprehensive online cockpit for your team and your clients, and an app for your clients.

      The Bodygee solution consists of three parts.

      1. Mobile 3D body scanner
        iPad with scanner which you can use everywhere and immediately – no installation, easy to use.
      2. Web application for coaches
        Online cockpit for easy record keeping of your clients and all analysis and coaching features.
        Platform-independent, logins for you and your coaches, regular updates
      3. Mobile app for end customers
        Apple and Android app for your members – your body in your pocket!

      How it works

      1. Scan body
      2. Visualise in app
        • hips 6 months ago
        • hips today
          65.4 cm
        • Change
          –4.6 cm
        Analyse data

      The process takes place in three steps:

      1. Scan a person in less than a minute.
      2. 3D scan is processed in the cloud, fully automated.
      3. Results are made available to coaches in the web app and to end users in the mobile app.

      Analyse the 3D body together with your customer. Your customer takes the result home on his app.

      An extensive cockpit for 3D body analysis

      An app for your clients

      Provide your clients another reason to work out with you and get themselves scanned repeatedly! With the Bodygee app you can enable your clients to view their own scans and document the training success. They get a realistic impression of how they are seen by others. At the same time, they are motivated to continue the training.

      Benefits and Scope of Application

      • Anna Comparison

        Body Analysis System

        Compare old with new scans, digitally measure your customers' bodies or analyse their posture and change of body shape. Whether it’s losing belly fat, muscle development or functional training: the measurement and analysis options provide facts about hard-earned results.

        For example, to track physical changes in a 90-day program: 3–4 scans at the beginning, halfway and at the end visualise and document the progress. This will at the same time motivate your clients to continue their training.

      • Beratung

        Consultation Tool

        Whether it’s during the first consultation or at an interim meeting, your client can tell you much more precisely about their body goals and their motivation to change based on their virtual 3D body. As a coach, Bodygee provides you a unique consulting tool to help your clients achieve their goals and to tailor your coaching concept to the individual needs of your clients.

      • Bodygee Marketing

        Marketing Tool

        • Presenting the positioning of your own concept (competence)
        • Differentiation in the highly competitive market
        • Acquisition of new clients (3D visualisations of a rotating body and videos are great for online campaigns, 3D recordings at events help to generate leads)
        • Improved client retention (since motivation continues and clients‘ goals are better known)


      Our clients say…

      • Carla Bereiter
        I'm excited about the potential for change which can be found in every person. As a personal trainer, the 3D body tracking helps me to record important data in a time-saving and precise manner as well as to track the progress of our clients.
        Carla Bereiter, Sports scientist M.Sc. & owner of RICHTIG bewegen
      • Fabian Seiler
        I have integrated the 3D body tracking solution into our 8-week program. A 3D scan in the initial analysis, after 4 weeks and at the final appointment have proven to be an integral part of this supplementary offer for personal training.
        Fabian Seiler, fitness instructor (SFGV) & owner of ROPE strength & athletic
      • Andreas Kotte
        Bodygee is a real innovation! In addition to visualising bodies and documenting changes, I can optimally analyse and present success.
        Andreas Kotte, personal trainer & owner of

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