3d Bioimpedance

Your new way to measure, track, and motivate.

Track and visualize body transformation in 3D. Forget tape measures, scales, equipment, before-and-after photos, and spreadsheets.
Instructor with scan equipment taking model measures
Realistic 3D avatar photo
Over 100,000 data points
Body composition
Automatic measurement of height, weight, body fat, BMI, WC, and BMR
Progress Monitoring
Both visually and numerically with up to 0.5 cm precision
Representation of the app measurements functions.
Increase your sales
Add technology and boost your business's sales rate
Improve customer retention
Track progress and improve customer retention and results
Higher average ticket
Increase quality perception and the average ticket of your contracts
Representation of the app measurements functions.
How Bodygee scanning and measurement works
We utilize cutting-edge technology with depth sensors to ensure the best accuracy and experience.
3D Avatar
After the scanning process, we generate a lifelike 3D personal avatar of your client.
Accurate Measurement
Using complex algorithms and scientific research, we measure the 3D avatar and complete the body analysis."
Compare with traditional measurement methods
3D Scanning (3D Analysis)
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Clients have access to their progress in app
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Professionals can access their clients' scans anytime in website
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Feedback and visual analysis
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Easy to use with a self-service option
Traditional Bioimpedance
Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement
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Easy to use
Negative icon
Results may be affected by hydration status
Negative icon
Variations between devices with different sensor placements
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No visual analysis
Skinfold Caliper
Measurement of Skinfold Thickness
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Simple equipment
Negative icon
Requires trained personnel to ensure accuracy
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Physically uncomfortable
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Low reliability between tests
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No visual analysis
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iPad and Orbiter hardwares
Scanning action screne
Rotating Platform and Scanner
The rotating platform includes a scale. The iPad comes with an attached 3D sensor with an ultra-wide-view camera. Non-invasive and safe to use.
App screen for tablets
Coach's App
Web-based application. Available on any device.
App screen for phones
Client App
Available on iOS and Android. Accessible to all clients after the first scan.
Orbiter and stand up display for gym
Point of Sale (POS)
Sold separately, various options available. Contact us for more details.
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Visual Progress Analysis
We combine body measurements and lifelike 3D avatars to provide your clients with a comprehensive summary of their progress.
Detailed Body Analysis
Bodygee displays progress in detail. Circumference, Shape, Posture, Body Composition with a Visual Report allow for a thorough analysis of your clients' progress.
Body Composition
Using scientifically proven methods to calculate Body Fat, BMI, WHR, and BMR. Thanks to the high accuracy and repeatability of the results, you can monitor even the slightest changes in your clients' bodies.
Advanced Reporting
The Bodygee Report is a convenient way to save dashboard data as a PDF. It displays body development and transformation in appearance, circumference, posture, and body composition.
Available to all your customers
All your customers have access to your Bodygee App right after the first scan.
Motivation through progress monitoring
Your clients can consult their results at any time, motivating them to achieve their goals.
To share
Allow your customers to share their results with friends and family via social media.
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Phone app screen
"Bodygee has helped our operations provide a better understanding of results to our clients within the Tecfit experience. Bodygee is far superior to any usual tool for monitoring results."
Felipe Barth de Castro - TECFIT
"Reebok's experience with Bodygee Boxx technology is another successful chapter in the history of our company. And it coincides with our new technological phase, which goes through the application, where our students have access to the Bodygee evaluation avatar, the starting point for those looking for Reebok for body changes. Not to mention that Bodygee technology takes our area of ​​analysis and physical guidance to another level, including in terms of profitability”.
José Otávio Marfará - CEO of Reebok Sports Club
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Motivate your clients • Track workout progress • Increase client retention • Generate additional revenue for your business.
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